Alex Rosemblat’s Technical Approach to Explosive Growth

Today my guest is Alex Rosemblat. Alex is the VP of marketing of Datadog, which is high tech monitoring service for large scale applications.

In this interview, we discuss how he was able to quickly grow from a team of just a couple people to 30 people.

I had a blast doing this interview, and Alex had loads of practical lessons to teach, I really enjoyed it and think you will too.

One of the amazing things Alex discusses is his technique of using trade shows to validate the market. Most of us use trade shows to market and sell our services. But Alex used them differently. There is GOLD in this advice, and if you ever attend trade shows, this is worth listening to twice.

Another great topic we touched on was his insight on “the 4 steps to the epiphany”. This is a book by Steve Blank, and Alex and I discuss some of his favorite insights such as “how not to ask leading questions when validating your product and service.”

I was also blown away when Alex discusses his philosophy of how everything can be broken down into a system. Once you understand the system, you can optimize the system.

The show is packed with value-bombs!

Listen to the show and let me know what you learned from this episode.

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3:00 What is Datadog all about?
6:30 What kind of errors does Datadog identify?
7:50 What has contributed to their explosive growth?
10:10 The first key steps Alex took when joining the company
11.15 How they tested their assumptions?
14:30 How to use to validate your product or service.
17:02 4 steps to the epiphany
19:15 Why people say “yes I’d buy that”” but then won’t (hint: It’s just to be nice)
22:46 Local and vocal customer base
24:26 Conjoint analysis approach
26:18 What activities produced the biggest growth?
32:29 What’s the main benefit of the Datadog?
33:53 Im going to wrap up this part here.
34:07 New service at Datadog
36:05 What do you do differently that allows you to be successful?
40:07 How to develop relentless persistence?
43:45 Persisting through difficult tasks
47:05 One recommendation that would have the biggest impact