Dave Logan on Finding Mentors and Embracing Your Dark Side – Part 1 of 2

In this episode of the luminary business podcast I talk to Dave Logan. Dave is the author of Tribal Leadership and  is a professor of leadership and negotiation at USC. He is also the CEO of CultureSync which is a management consultancy firm specializing in cultural change, strategy, and negotiation.

This episode we talked about how powerful language can be used to gain attention of different people. How he uses strong powerful language to create intimate convert conversation in the corporate world and the dark side of leadership.

Another interesting thing that we discussed was how people get angry at different things but they don’t do anything about it. He explains why we should get angry but in a civil way. He talks about keeping outrage log so that you can keep an account of what bothers you and how to make a difference in the life of other people. 

What you’ll learn in this episode of Luminary Business Podcast:

  • 10:30 Sync your culture with strategy
  • 11:30 Using powerful language to gain attention
  • 14:00 How to corporate signal intimate conversation
  • 16:30 How to use the F word to build trust
  • 18:00 The Dark side Leadership
  • 24:02 How can coaches differentiate themselves
  • 26:22 Everyone wants to be a good leader
  • 26:56 The amazingly simple way to solve most problems
  • 28:45 Get mad at something but don’t lose your head.
  • 32:02 Companies don’t know how to deal with people that get mad
  • 36:25 Captain Kirk’s Story on Dark leadership
  • 39:25 People get mad all the time, but don’t remember it
  • 41:25 Why you must keep an outrage log
  • 45:00 Why do we forget the times we get angry

Resources mentioned in the podcast: