Dave Logan on Finding Mentors and Embracing Your Dark Side – Part 2 of 2

This is second part with Dave Logan. In the first part, we discussed Dave’s philosophy on leadership and how to become better at it. In this episode, we get a little bit personal. We dive deep into the personal habits of Dave and try to uncover the routines that have made him successful.

One of the things that you will learn after listening to this episode is how to attract great mentors. Dave gives us a specific formula of how to look for for mentors in our tribe and and also gives us a word mapping exercise on how to find the best language and discussion points to find a great mentor. Another interesting concept that we discuss is why we should have a “not” to do list.

What you’ll learn in this episode of the Luminary Business Podcast:

1:10 Dave’s Morning Routine
5:00 The big rocks analogy to think about your day
6:05 The benefits of exercising

 7:30 How to attract great mentors – the formula
8:12 Think about your tribe and then look at the mentors in the tribe
11:42 Word mapping to get mentors
14:25 3 components of a great gift
18:00 Dave’s “not” to-do list


Useful Resources:

Rocks and Sand Video (sorry this was the best I could find on YouTube):