Justin Lofton - Luminary Business

Facebook Advertising Success Secrets with Justin Lofton – Part 1

Hello and welcome to the very first episode of Luminary Business. Today, we’re going with Justin Lofton who is the CEO of SyncSumo. SyncSumo is a software which helps you generate leads from Facebook easily.

In this episode, we dive straight into how to generate leads from Facebook effectively. Facebook ads are currently the biggest opportunity for marketers. Listen to this episode to discover Justin Lofton’s secret to monetizing Facebook ads by delivering relevant, timely and engaging ads.

What you will learn in this episode of the Luminary Business Podcast:

  • 5:40 How to sync your Facebook lead ads with any CRM using SyncSumo
  • 6:30 How to show your Facebook ads to the right people at the right time
  • 7:30 What CRM’s Syncsumo works with
  • 10:50 How to effectively use Facebook Lead ads
  • 11:40 How Syncsumo gets you to respond to leads from Facebook in realtime
  • 14:56 Why Facebook is the best opportunity to take advantage right now
  • 17:20 How one SyncSumo generated $250,000 by spending $300 on Facebook
  • 18:50 The different advertising and targeting options that Facebook gives us
  • 21:04 How to go beyond email marketing
  • 23:55 What Customer Appreciation Ads
  • 25:50 How to exclude people using custom audiences
  • 33:01 The results you can expect from Facebook advertising campaign
  • 37:57 How many days it takes for Facebook algorithm to work in your favor

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  • Signup for SyncSumo, with the code TODD20, to get 20% off