Justin Lofton - Luminary Business

Facebook Advertising Success Secrets with Justin Lofton – Part 2

In the second part of the interview with Justin Lofton, the CEO of SyncSumo, we discuss his personal habits that have made him so successful.

Listen to this episode to learn how Justin Lofton created multiple multi-million dollar businesses by transitioning from a workaholic to working less, becoming a giver, and learning The Four Agreements.

We start by discussing his daily routine, and how he incorporates a practice of gratitude in his life. We also learn how he balances his time between consuming information and taking action.

What you will learn in this episode of the Luminary Business Podcast:

  • 3:48 Justin’s Daily Routine
  • 5:25 Daily Gratitude practice
  • 6:50 How to ingrain the habit of gratitude

  • 8:38 Consuming information vs. Taking action
  • 11:00 People need to only pay attention to things they can control
  • 12:09 How to manage your to-do list
  • 13:25 Accountability and deadlines
  • 15:45 The importance of a “not to do” list
  • 17:35 How to prioritize your tasks
  • 20:05 Perry Marshall $10,000 per hour exercise
  • 23:44 Why not be a workaholic
  • 26:15 The critical habit of saying no
  • 30:55 Free Advice vs Paid
  • 33:48 Recommended books

Resources mentioned in the podcast: