Carrie Kish on Leadership

Finding Your “Great Gift” and Developing Company Culture with Carrie Kish

In today’s episode, I have a friend of mine from my Los Angeles days, Carrie Kish. Carrie is the partner and CEO at Culture Sync, which is a management consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, and cultural change. She’s got over 20 years experience of consulting and leadership trainer and coach.

In this episode, we talk about how Carrie is able to handle multiple businesses, what her “great gift” is, and how can a person find their own.

She gives us great insight on how she develops rapport with people using language, what her research shows on why some companies outperform others, and how to think about money.

What you’ll learn in this episode of Luminary Business:

  • 2:10 How to find your passion and outrage (and use this to be a strong leader)
  • 3:04 What CultureSync does: Leadership training and culture development
  • 5:45 What is a “Great Gift”

  • 7:45 Carrie’s Great Gift
  • 11:38 Types of companies CultureSync works with
  • 14:41 How to build rapport using word maps
  • 20:47 How to change engineers to accept their spiritual side
  • 25:35 Following money vs. following passion
  • 27:23 You are compensated for the value you give
  • 30:50 Trying to monetize everything limits your success
  • 31:56 How and why do some companies outperform others
  • 48:00 How to justify investing in CultureSync
  • 41:25 The one thing to do everyday

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