How to grow an agency to $400K ARR in just 30 days (with Alex Berman)

Alex Berman is the founder and CEO of Experiment27, a highly sought after lead generation company. He has done $6.5 million in B2B sales and generated $35 million in leads for his clients. He also has a Youtube channel where he regularly posts marketing tips for agency owners.

Listen in today as Alex shares his secrets that helped a mobile dev shop earn a million dollars in just six months, and grow his own personal agency from zero to $400,000 ARR in just 30 days.

To date, he has sent a million cold emails, and this is what we explore in the podcast.

Alex goes into great details on how to improve your cold emails by asking simple questions, what tools he uses to get the best results, and why most people fail at cold email outreach.

We also discuss his personal habits and mindset that have allowed him to be so successful at a young age. He discusses the concept of growth mindset and reflection, and how both of these concepts have been instrumental in achieving success.

Listen to this episode, and let me know what you learned from the show.


5:40 How he decided his target audience
6:37 What’s the number one lead generation channel?
8:50 How was his approach different from other people?
10:13 Why did his previous company fail?
11:28 “Who’s your Noah” concept
12:48 How do you develop the culture
13:00 How he structures meetings
14:01 Why do most people fail at cold email outreach?
15:25 Questions to improve your cold emails
19:01 What tools does he use for cold emails
20:21 What type of people are responding to the emails
22:16 How to structure the qualification call?
23:48 Why Hubspot fails at cold emails
25:22 How can someone new to this get started
26:54 Other resources by Alex
28:26 How he structures his day
30:07 How he uses a growth mindset to accomplish goals
31:47 Spend more time reflecting
33:37 How to determine when to hire
38:55 Commit to a long term plan