How to Build a $3M/Year Social Media Automation Tool with Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder (social media guru) decided to build software, and a $3.3 million dollar per year business was born! Laura quit her job at a young age of 22 years old, and started working as a designer. Since then she has moved one from info-products to creating a software in the social media space called, MeetEdgar. In just 2 years, she has been able to grow the company to $3.3 million. Wow!

She has been awarded Top 100 Entrepreneur under 30 multiple times, and has even been recognized by the White House. She regularly speaks at popular industry events like South by Southwest, and has been featured multiple times in top publications like Fast Company, Bloomberg, etc.

In this episode, we cover how she was able to grow MeetEdgar this fast, how she validated the idea, and what channels did she promote to. Later in the interview, we discuss the habits that are responsible for her success.

Enjoy this episode, and let me know what you think about it.

What you’ll learn in this episode of Luminary Business:

  • 2:18 How she quit her job and got started
  • 6:03 How MeetEdgar came about June 2014
  • 7:10 Do you need an audience to be successful?
  • 9:15 Why didn’t she focus on what people wanted
  • 14:35 Edgar’s USP – It helps you repurpose content to perpetuity
  • 20:20 What was it like building this tool?
  • 23:28 How did you market it?
  • 26:30 How do users onboard?
  • 29:00 Get an invitation…they can’t buy online.
  • 32:30 Achieved success at a very young age.
  • 33:07 Laura’s Success Habit – be extremely decisive
  • 36:25 The one question to ask to get unstuck
  • 38:40 How do you balance your energy?
  • 41:42 Number one advice

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