Secret to “Reading” 150 Books in 6 Months + The Story of ReadItFor.Me

In today’s podcast, we are talking to Steve Cunningham. Steve is the founder of, a company that can change your life, one audio and video book summary at a time.

On top of being a great interview and story, Steve has given all Luminary Business listeners a 14 day window to get a LIFETIME subscription at 83% off the normal rate.

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SPECIAL OFFER FOR LUMINARY BUSINESS LISTENERS: Get a lifetime membership at 83% off is an e-learning service that turns bestselling business and personal development books into 10-15 minute animated videos, audio and text summary. His customers include well-respected entrepreneurs and brands like Zappos and personal development gurus around the world.

What his service allows you to do is make sure that you utilize the “in-between” moments –the time when you’re waiting in line for coffee, or when you’re waiting for the kids to get out of school – now you can get the gist of an entire business or personal development book in those 10-15 minutes.

So what it actually does is unlock a lot of personal development for people, and they get to get a lot more done, generate a lot more ideas and ultimately grow their business

I can’t say enough good things about this service.

Steve is the real deal. He reads a book every single day and I’m really excited to have him on. I had a blast interviewing him, and really liked the part of how he got started with the business, and what he has done to make it a success. We also talk about his favorite books, and how they have impacted him.

As stated above, Steve was kind enough to offer a special offer to the listeners. For a limited time, you can get LIFETIME access to his service for just $250 (down from $1499). That’s a really great deal for the value Steve offers, and I’ve already availed it, and would suggest that you do too.

Head on to to subscribe to his service

What you’ll learn in this episode of Luminary Business:

  • 5:51 How he started this business
  • 9:15 How he validated the idea
  • 11:04 How he reads 1 book a day?
  • 12:30 Creating summaries after reading the book
  • 13:30 How different people are using his service
  • 16:10 What to do to get the most out of his service
  • 17:45 Impact of reading 1 book a day
  • 19:35 Books that have impacted him the most
  • 29:31 Figuring out the business model
  • 35:51 Special 83% off special offer for the audience

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