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How to Use The Power of Giving to Inspire, Influence and Profit with Bob Burg

In this episode of Luminary business, we are talking with Bob Burg, who is the international bestselling author of the Go Giver book. It has now become a movement that is changing they way people do business around the world by helping them become more focused on giving. The book has been translated into 25 different languages and has sold over to 50000 copies worldwide.

In this episode we go deep into the sales process and why the Go-Giver method works. We talk about why people buy, and how to shift your attitude from getting to giving. Most importantly, we talk about the five laws of stratospheric success and how they will help you become more influential and grow your business. 

What you’ll learn in this episode of Luminary Business Podcast:

  • 2:20 Shifting one’s focus from gifting to giving
  • 2:50 Why do people buy?
  • 3:25 Understand the difference between price and value
  • 6:15 Value is always in the eyes of the beholder
  • 8:15 Ask questions to identify wants, needs and desires
  • 8:50 This is what a great salesman do?
  • 8:56 Five laws of stratospheric success
    – The law of value
    – The law of compensation
    – The law of influence
    – The law of authenticity
    – The law of receptivity
  • 17:00 Marketing Bridge – need want and afford
  • 23:00 Money is an echo of value
  • 26:00 The sale is always about the other person
  • 27:50 How to incorporate this everyday
  • 30:40 How Bob writes sales letter
  • 32:25

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

The Go Giver book