Next Dinner on 12th October, 2017

The Magic of Luminary Dinners: Why You Might Be a Perfect Guest

My mission with these "masterminds" is to connect like-minded, influential people whom would benefit from knowing each other.



Luminary Dinner Dates
(every 2 weeks)

12th October, 2017
26th October 2017
9th November 2017

This is Perfect for People Who Are:

  • Accomplished in business (but know there's room to grow)
  • Driven to make positive impact on the world (and people they care about)
  • Committed to personal and business growth
  • Open to change and new perspectives
  • Frustrated with a business challenge / looking for advice from peers and experts

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Note: We intentionally limit the seats to 16 people so that everyone has an opportunity to share their insights in a robust and inclusive discussion.

Here's what to expect at the dinner:

  • Small but awesome group of purpose-driven business owner and leaders
  • Conversations around building businesses that make an impact and leave a legacy
  • Meet the most wonderful, successful and influential people in Philadelphia
  • A chance to get feedback and support on overcoming obstacles to rapid growth

Who is the host?

Hi, my name is Todd Staples, and I'll be hosting the events. If you don't know about me, here are some key highlights of my life:

  • VP of Business Strategy at Stream Companies (#1 fully integrated agency in Philadelphia)
  • Former Lead Consultant at "Conversion Rate Experts" (the #1 CRO agency in the world)
  • Founder/CEO of 7-figure e-commerce business

He is an online marketing expert, worked as a lead conversion rate optimization consultant for the #1 CRO agency in the world and, and is now the Regional Vice President of Business Strategy at Stream Companies, a 9-time INC5000 company.

Todd has generated $10’s of millions in profit for his clients by helping them create engaging online experiences, get more leads, and significantly increase their online sales.

One funny story about Todd is that he launched his first e-commerce store with the $50,000 he won on the TV show Fear Factor.

Todd Staples

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I'm planning to do these dinners every 2 weeks

So if you're interested, just apply above and I'll get in touch with the best dates for you.


What I loved about attending a Luminary dinner was that each attendee was selected by the host to ensure an interesting and diverse group of entrepreneurs came together. It was intimate and fascinating. I am still a big believer of breaking bread with people in person and this was a wonderful opportunity to get to know new folks in a fun way and on a deeper level.

Jennifer Robinson, Femfessionals

I showed up to my first Luminary gathering not knowing what to expect. I left with several new connections and follow up action steps. It was refreshing to get into conversations with other business owners in different business life cycles, but all faced with similar issues.

Greg Wood, CFO Alliance

I continue to be impressed by the quality and diversity of people attending the Luminary events.  Everyone I have interacted with has been very supportive in helping me grow my business.  It’s been a great peer to peer advisory experience for me.  Can’t wait until the next event!

Charlie Poznek,

Luminary Dinners have been a tremendously positive experience in my life. To date I've met some of the smartest people I know including business partners, strategic advisors, and friends. Todd makes a deep investment in the people he brings together, specifically curating each person's personality, talent, and values to best fit his night's event. My life is better because of Luminary Dinners.

Nick Eubanks, I'm From the Future