Marketing Automation Expert Tyler Garns

Marketing Automation Mastery with Tyler Garns – Part 2

Marketing automation expert Tyler Garns reveals the TRUE secrets to his success (hint: they have nothing to do with the tools he uses.)

In the first episode, we covered his history as VP of Marketing for Infusionsoft, his consulting business, and how he became successful. In this episode, we go inside his head and figure out what are those critical strategies you’ve used and the perspective you’ve had in life in general which has allowed you to be successful.

Listen in as we discussĀ his daily routine, how he structures his mornings, and how he gets over the afternoon slump. He also gives a very interesting insight into how religion has impacted his business decisions.

We also go over some personal and business habits like documenting your processes, finding our “Great Gift”, etc.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1:30 How to structure the miracle morning
  • 3:49 Successful people usually get really early
  • 4:56 Parable of the Talents

  • 8:42 How to decide what to put on the calendar
  • 9:30 Scheduling time for other people
  • 11:50 How to manage your energy throughout the day
  • 12:18 We are capable more than we allow our bodies
  • 13:49 Things that have an biggest impact on success
  • 18:00 Documenting every process
  • 19:35 How not to hire and how to fix that
  • 24:00 Exercise to identify your Great Gift
  • 26:20 Tyler’s “Great Gift”
  • 29:57 Ask questions instead of solving the problem

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