Using data to create amazing customer experiences with Ned Moore, CEO of Clutch

In today’s show, we’re talking to the founder and CEO of Clutch, Ned Moore. Clutch is a customer relationship management platform that allows B2C companies, like e-commerce stores, banks, etc. to connect at a deeper level with their customers using data.

We cover a range of topics including big data, segmentation, data analysis, etc. Most importantly, we cover how to create a “WOW” experience for your customers. Ned shares a really great story in the podcast, on how a company used weather data to sell more vipers during the rainy season.

Ned’s software has the ability to take 80,000 data points and give a complete profile of an individual person. They’ve internally tested the software and it’s 96 percent accurate in the way it judges people’s hobbies, interests, and likes.

Another great topic we discussed was how to scale a business. Ned was able to grow his company from zero to 70 employees and 1000 clients in just 5 years. He talks about the importance of having core values and keeping the culture intact.

Lastly, we cover his personal habits and mindset for success. Interestingly, Ned attributes his success to playing golf. By playing golf, he has honed his ability to keep focused on a singular goal. With golf, you need to keep yourself focused for four hours. This persistence has been rewarded in business and personal life.

Listen to this episode and let me know in the comments if you liked it or not.

Show notes:

2:55 What does Clutch do?

3:58 Five components of Clutch

7:25 Do they get a customized software?

11:32 How do they handle the “creep” factor?

13:57 How accurate the data is?

16:43 Creating a more meaningful experience

19:08 What types of companies are the best for Clutch?

21:06 How did Ned scale from zero to 1000 clients in 5 years

27:38 What were the biggest roadblocks?

31:25 Personal habits behind the success

35:09 What do you do for culture?

39:53 Rejecting clients that don’t fit the culture

41:47 One skill set everyone needs

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